Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Biometrics Technology in the Field of Police
Biometrics system is self-recognition technology using body parts or human nature.

Fingerprints and signatures, each an example of biometrics. Self-recognition system is a system for automatically recognizing a person's identity by using computer technology.
For example, offenders recognition system using fingerprints. Based on the perpetrators fingerprints, the system will automatically search for the identity of the perpetrator in the crime database

This system aims to improve the security of the system so that the ability of self-recognition system to recognize the target accurately is important.
When compared with developed countries, the application of biometrics technology in Indonesia is still very minimal. Indeed most of the biometrics technologies that are used in Indonesia is still purchased from abroad, rather than the work of children of this country.
Making driver's license (SIM) in Indonesia can be used as an interesting example. At the applicant's identity there is a sim card, photo facial, photo and an applicant's fingerprint bar code (bar code).

There are various police keuntumgan obtained when applying this system of fingerprint biometrics. One is that the police will have a fingerprint database of Indonesian society, and the data base will always have updates (via the extension of the SIM). This database can be used for other identification purposes
The drawback

The question is whether making the SIM card is already using fingerprint biometrics system? Answer, yet. It should extend the driver's license when the applicant did just put a fingerprint on the sensor does not have to fill out a personal identity.

But until now no SIM-making system using fingerprint biometrics. Perhaps one reason is lack of funding to implement this technology systems throughout Indonesia. One solution to overcome this problem is to create its own technology
Graphic Technology

Face Recognition
Compression technology allows fingerprint images can be stored electronically with a very small size so as not to take up space in the storage medium, whereas the pattern-matching technology (pattern recognition) is used to facilitate retrieval of fingerprints stored in the database

Technology of face recognition (face recognition) can be used to recognize the faces of the criminals that have been stored in the database are based on the face by a sketch or photograph.
Images have an important role, "Image represents a thousand words" the saying goes. The term given to the regular picture such as painting a picture manually, while the term image (image) usually given on the results of photo cameras

Digitizing images can be obtained indirectly through a scanner or digital camera directly through

    Image file format / image is very diverse

         . bmp or bitmap picture that is the format used by Microsoft Windows,

         . dalah cdr format images from Corel Draw

         . gif image format creation CompuServe is a limit into the range of only 256 colors or 8 bits,

         . jpg is a image format creation of the Joint Photographic Expert group which is an image compression format

         . PCX is an image format of the software Paintbrush

         . tiff format image quality was quite good and widely used for the photos on the desktop publishing (printing).

    Various software has been created for image processing / image

         Paint: image software from Microsoft Windows.
         Adobe Photoshop: Adobe software creation
         Corel Draw: Corel software is complete enough for graphic